The Foldover Bag

DOUBLE THE FUN. Casual or extravagant? With the Foldover-Bag, each style becomes a real eye-catcher. With its two faces and colour combinations, it can set both discreet accents and light a gleam firework. Depending on what exactly suits us and our look.

The Classic Edition

The all-stars under the Foldover Bags. Timeless, stylish and a real highlight for every day.

Meeting Date of Consultative THE CLASSIC EDITION

The Limited Edition

The limited models of the current collection. Inspiring fresh, trendy combined and a must-have in limited edition.

Meeting Date of Consultative THE LIMITED EDITION

The Customized Edition

A bag with personality and individual touch. Create a personal FOLDOVER BAG and choose your colours, metals and personalisation.

Meeting Date of Consultative