The Idea

Elegant design, high -quality materials and an unusual idea and a "Miklas" is ready. The designer and founder Angela Miklas creates iconic favorite pieces that are more than a nice fashion accessory. Each bag combines elegant puristic design with that certain something - the innovative idea that makes it unique.
Value, exclusivity and individuality are the values ​​of the brand. Handpicked materials from Germany and Italy as well as regional production in German manufacturers turn every bag a real quality product. The models in colors and leather can be personalized for the individual note.
In order to underline the sustainable character of the brand, we do not work in seasons.We protect the exclusivity of our products through limited editions that we create in cooperation with dealers and artists.



For Angela, quality and sustainability were a prerequisite for founding her brand.The high -quality cowhide, which we obtain from Germany and Italy, is a by -product of meat trade and free of Chrom 6, PCP and AZO dyes.Our leather suppliers are a member of the Leather Working Group and all of our leather LWG certified. That means,that the manufacturers do not use potentially critical substances in leather processing and that the high water and energy consumption is reduced. The corresponding standards and the supply chain are checked regularly and this guarantees us fair and sustainable production. Our yarns and zippers are made in Germany. We move into our hardware from Italy.


The story

The former art director already knew during her studies that she would not be happy in the advertising. "Creating creative freedom to create things that bring joy to other people" was her passion. The fact that it would be handbags later was least suspected. A personal gift for a friend laid the foundation for her business. The idea was born to develop a high -quality favorite bag for every day that adapts to the individual look of its owner. So she went into apprenticeship in Florence in Italy, implemented the first prototypes with a Frankfurt Täschner and then had a leather designer teaching the art of leather blends in Dresden. The result is handbags and accessories with character that have potential for favorite due to their distinctive style.